Food and Clothing for the Needy

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Programs for Disadvantaged Youth

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Inner City Learning Center


Life Recovery Group Montgomery Village

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Hi-Set GED Program Graduation

    Harbours Gate
    The ‘Inner City Peace Corps’

    Upcoming Events!

    October 3rd: October 3rd: Annual Harbours Gate/Maryville College Inner City Basketball Clinic. This year on the Maryville College Campus.


    October 17th: 2nd Annual Harbours Gate Concert/ Barbecue hosted by Maryville Smokey Mountain Harley Davidson. This year’s special entertainment: The Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band. Buy tickets now!


    October 24th: Harbours Gate Night with the Knoxville Ice Bears! Buy tickets now!

    Harbours Gate Flyer

    Harbours Gate serves as a front line neighborhood, community and inner city ‘peace corps.’ Having served for many years of in programs dealing with homelessness, drug addiction and recovery, founder Tom Garner felt the call for deeper interaction. Instead of waiting for the hurting and struggling to come the existing programs available, Tom had in his heart to take the ‘good news’ of hope and encouragement to the streets and homes where people lived. Inspired by the living  example set by Jesus, Harbours Gate went to the areas where struggling souls were calling for help. We walk with, eat with and abide with all who will invite us in.

    The essential cornerstone for Harbours Gate is building trust. Many of those we serve felt abandoned and unheard. We listen first and foremost. Over time people will know we are consistent and not just occasional ‘do-gooders.’ We are available 24/7 365. By listening to the true needs of those we serve we can better assist in developing and
    implementing specific programs that will facilitate change in any particular neighborhood. We are not reinventing or competing with any other resources. In fact we welcome partnerships and joint efforts with any group and have, after gaining trust, referred many to established programs which can take them further.

    Whether it be food, clothing, medical, employment, educational or personal counseling needs, Harbours Gate stands in the real ‘trenches’ of life’s daily challenges side by side with those we serve. Offering a hand up, love and encouragement to those who seek a better life.